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The Algarve is the perfect setting for remote workers that are looking for year-round pleasant climate. The region is known for its warm winter temperatures, dry weather and stunning beaches. Algarve culture also offers delicious cuisine, many options for shopping, and booming nightlife.  

Find out my 6 good reasons, why you should come work from Pomar in November. 😀

1. During the Winter months, weather is dry and warm, with temperatures between 16°C-18°C on average (60°F-65°F). And of course, the Algarve sun is still present in November to offer beautiful sunrises and sunsets you can watch from our roof terrasse at Pomar.

2. Off-season means there’s less tourists on the streets, beaches and creeks are deserted, nature and people slow down to enjoy some peace and quiet. Reset and take a dip in the Atlantic Ocean’s fresh water that often remains between 16-19°C (60°F-66°F) in winter. 

3. Winter winds are perfect for surfing and kitesurfing. For advanced surfers and beginners, surfing in Algarve is a very unique experience: A peninsula strategically positioned on the south-western tip of Portugal, it allows surfers to find good conditions on almost any given day as long on one side or the other of the peninsula depending on the swell and wind direction.

4. Prices are lower for everything outside of peak seasons: flight tickets, renting a car, taking surf lessons, even having lunch in Olhao. You can find lunch menus for 12€ including appetizers, entrees and desert. Enjoy all the conquilhas a Algarvia, feijoadas, and queijos you want without breaking the bank !

5. Hikers and bikers love winter in Algarve. Discover the landscapes of Parque Atlantico or Parque Natural da Ria Formosa from quiet roads and trails. @Hadrien Desachy will point you in the right direction for your fitness and skill level.

6. Winter is the perfect time to immerse yourself in Portuguese culture. Food, music, danse, arts and crafts… Many festivals and events are organized to celebrate Portuguese traditions in Tavira, Olhao, Faro or Fuseta. The perfect occasion to mingle with the people of the Algarve !

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