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Introducing our first ever POMAR magazine post. And what a better way to start than with an interview of our dear friend and business advisor, Jolan. Jolan stayed at POMAR this summer as our first beta-tester and will tell us more about his 2 weeks experience !

Country : France

Age : 32

Stayed at POMAR : Bêta test summer 2022

Job : Finance & strategy consultant

What do you do for a living ?

I advise entrepreneurs and small businesses on how to optimize their organization on all financial aspects (money and risk management, budgeting, forecasting, new business/product launch, pricing strategy…).

Why do you think Olhao and the Algarve is a good destination for Remote Workers ?

Olhao (and the Algarve in general) is perfect for remote workers, especially for Europeans, because it combines convenience (not too far from your home base, good connections to main airports, …) and complete disconnection (great places to visit, amazing quality of life, good food, …).

Did you like your stay at POMAR ? Why ?

I was honored to be among the first people to try out POMAR and I must say it was amazing.
Claire did everything she could to make us feel like home and arrange all the necessary things before we arrived.
I think POMAR has a great potential because it offers all the essential amenities you expect from a good Coliving space (very nice private areas, good common areas, a good wifi, …), is minutes away from the beach, the city and many other activities while being surrounded by nature.

Some ideas to improve POMAR ?

Well, it was the bêta test so not everything was settled yet, but I would definitely focus on building strong relationships with locals partners (food, sports, activities) to bring the best experience to the colivers.

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