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Nicolas was one of our first colivers and stayed with us during our summer 2022 beta test. We had the opportunity to share great memories but also the small hiccups of the start of a coliving.

Country : France

Age : 32

Stayed at POMAR : Beta test summer 2022

Job : Account Executive Full Remote

Tell us a bit more about yourself

My name is Nicola and I am originally from Réunion,  small french island near Madagascar. 

I have always been keen on traveling (Thanks to Dad and Mum ! ). I lived in Asia, America and Europe in different cities. 

2  years ago when COVID happened, I knew I had to change something in my working lifestyle, that is why I decided to be fully remote since January 2022.

Why do you think Olhao and the Algarve is a good destination for Remote Workers ?

Algarve is amazing for remote workers :

  • easy access
  • Faro airport
  • cost of living cheaper than Lisbon
  • bigger space in terms of housings

Did you like your stay at POMAR ? Why ?

Pomar is the prefect place for remote workers, you have spacious room, living room an amazing garden with a futur pool. So you can enjoy the inside and outside of Pomar ! 

You have amazing landscapes and nature around POMAR. You can easily rent a boat and enjoy the small island around Olhao.

Tips : you have an amazing fish market during the week where you can cook amazing food at POMAR ! 

Some ideas to improve POMAR ?

E-bike or rental cars package for the remote workers to make the life easier (especially for groceries), weekend trips would be great.

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